About Medicare Plans

About Medicare Plans & Parts

When you are eligible for Medicare, you will receive Original Medicare which is provided by the federal government and includes Part A & Part B. Original Medicare often does not provide the full coverage individuals need, so private insurance companies sell various plans and parts that can help fill in the gaps. These plans and supplements are not provided by the government.

With so many plans and coverage types, it can be confusing. C2C can help find the right insurance plan for you at the right cost. Each state and county have different plans and it is important to partner with a broker that understands and is familiar with all the benefits so you can rest easy knowing your health is protected.

Which plan is right for me?

When you are eligible for Medicare, you have two core options. You can choose to add supplemental plans and prescription coverage or choose a Medicare Advantage Plan. Below you can find brief descriptions about each option.

Original Medicare

Original Medicare includes both Part A & Part B and is provided by the government. If you need additional coverage, you choose from two options to fit your needs.

Original Medicare Includes:

Part A (Hospital)


Part B (Medical)

Option 1: Part D & Medigap

Add Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans

Option 2: Part C

Add Medicare Advantage Plans

Original Medicare

Original Medicare is provided by the Federal government and includes two parts; Part A & Part B. This provides your hospital and medical insurance. Part A benefits are premium free if you have qualifying work history.

  • Includes Part A & Part B
  • Provided by government
  • Part A premiums may be free with work history
  • No pre-existing condition limitations or waiting periods
  • Use any provider who accepts Medicare
  • No prescription drug coverage
  • No out-of-pocket limits

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is also known as Part C and includes Part A & Part B. Medicare Advantage offers a bundled plan often including prescriptions, dental and vision.

  • Same benefits as Original Medicare
  • Different types of Medicare Advantage plans such as HMO and PPO
  • May also include dental and vision
  • Other benefits such as wellness discounts and nurse hotlines
  • Plan pricing and models vary
  • Maximum out-of-pocket limit
  • Individuals with End Stage Renal Disease may not be eligible Medicare Advantage
  • May include Part D prescription coverage
  • Cannot add Medigap or stand alone Part D coverage
  • County specific


Medicare supplements are designed to cover the gaps in Medicare. These supplements are also referred to as “Medigap Plans.” These can help cover deductibles and copays under Original Medicare. These supplements are also sold by private insurance companies and not the federal government.

It is important to note that these are “plans” and not “parts.”

  • Medigap Plans A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, N (F & C are limited to those who were eligible for Medicare prior to 01/01/2020)
  • Premiums vary
  • Generally does not cover routine dental, vision, hearing
  • Does not cover prescription drugs

Prescription Coverage Part D

Because Original Medicare does not include any prescription drug coverage, many individuals may opt to add Part D. This is different than supplemental Plan D.

  • Premium + deductible + co-insurance (varies by plan)
  • Tiered drug levels
  • Must be enrolled in Part A &/or Part B
  • Not combinable with Medicare Advantage
  • Network pharmacies

Dental & Vision

Medicare plans vary on what is covered and not, and Original Medicare doesn’t include dental and vision. Dental and vision out-of-pocket costs can be pricey, so adding extra protection can save you money.

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Coast to Coast Health Insurance Solutions, LLC  is not a Government agency and is not affiliated or endorsed by any Government agency. We are a private consulting and insurance broker agency (Agents) licensed in health insurance in the States in which we conduct business. Although we represent several different Medicare Advantage, Supplement, and Part D prescription plans, you should visit www.Medicare.Gov or call 1-800-Medicare for a complete listing of your available options.